• Each Team can choose up to 3 Keepers
  • Teams will lose the draft pick their chosen player was selected at in the previous years draft – ie If a player was selected in the 5th round in last years draft, the team will lose their 5th round pick in the upcoming draft
  • Any player picked up in the previous season off waivers, that did not play after that point are ineligible to be kept
  • Players can be kept 3 times
  • After the first year of keeping a player, the draft pick lost will  move up one round round. ie if you draft a player in the 5th round, the first year you will lose your 5th round pick, the second year you keep that same player you will lose your 4th round pick, the third year you keep that player you will lose your 3rd round pick.
  • Undrafted or players picked up on waivers will be kept in 14th round
  • If a team has multiple keepers set to effect the same draft pick, they will lose a draft pick in the previous round. ie If you have 2 players that were selected in the 5th round, you will lose your 4th and 5th round picks.